Croatia, Europe

Soaking up the sun in Croatia

Today I had another beautiful day in Croatia. I’m really starting to believe it’s the most beautiful country in the world. I’ve been here six days already and have another two days to go.

I arrived with my bus tour on Thursday and we spent the night camping just outside of Plitvice National Park before heading to the park at 8 a.m. the next morning.

Several people had told me that I had to visit this park while I was in Croatia and it did not disappoint. A UNESCO world heritage site, the park has 16 amazingly blue lakes that run into one another with spectacular water falls. As we walked through the park, the colour of the water went from aqua blue to royal blue to turquoise to teal. I never saw that before.

From Plitvice, we went to Split for a night. I’m actually back there now and I really love the vibe of the city. The city is centred around a Roman ruin called Diocletian’s Palace and there is a port all along the main street. The area has many nice little cafes and terraces.

After my first night in Split, I took the bus to Dubrovnik and spent two days there. The bus leaves every hour and takes about four hours to get to Dubrovnik. The ride costs 140 Kuna (20 Euros) and the bus goes through Bosnia, so you need to take your passport on board with you. The buses are air-conditioned and it is not a bad way to travel.

Dubrovnik is definitely the prettiest city I have ever visited. The Old City is built into a little piece of land between mountains and the Adriatic sea and it completely encircled by a wall. It is one of the last remaining walled-cities in the world. The houses are also very pretty with white walls and red, clay roofs. The one down side of Dubrovnik is all the tourists.

If you do visit the city, I would highly recommend visiting the tourist sites as early in the morning as possible. Firstly, to beat the crowds and secondly to beat the heat. The main tourist attraction is to walk the city walls. It normally costs 70 Kuna (10 Euros) for adults and 30 Kuna for students (4 Euros), but it’s possible to walk a section for free. If you head to the north-east side of the city you will find stairs leading up to the walls. You can walk about 100 along the walls metres to the next staircase and not pay.

Also, if you plan to go in the sea in Dubrovnik, I would recommend visiting one of the two cafes in the Old Town that have access to the water. Your hostel should tell you where they are. The main beach is not very big and it gets crowded very quickly.

Back in Split, I got the chance to visit some of the nice areas around the city. Yesterday, I went to Krka, a national park that includes a lake with waterfalls where you can actually swim. The water is super rocky though so bring flip-flops. The park costs 95 Kuna or 70 for students and there are usually day trips leaving from the main dock or you could rent a car. It’s about an hour from Split.

Today, I took a ferry out to Brac island. It’s a 50 minute ride from Split and has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. The sea is a bit cool to when you first get in, but gets really comfortable quickly. Again the beach is rocks instead of sand, so be ready. The beach is a good 40 minute ride from the docks on Brac island. There is a bus, but I would recommend splurging on a taxi. It’s worth the extra beach time.



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