Europe, Hungary, Slovakia

End of the tour – Slovakia and Budapest

So it’s been a few days since I last updated all of you. I’ve had an absolute blast in that time. The highlight of the past few days was riding in a Soviet tank in Slovakia…. Yes, a real tank.

As part of my tour, my tour guide arranged for us to be driven in a Soviet tank, by a Slovakian man in a commander uniform. The roof and gun of the tank had been cut off and about five bars were installed along the body of the tank so that passengers could hold on. We piled in about 15 people at a time and drove around rough terrain, through a lake and ripped up a forest. I will upload a photo when I have a chance to edit them all.

After Slovakia, we went to Budapest. The city has some of the loveliest buildings I have ever seen. My absolute favourite was the Houses of Parliament:


I took this photo while on a boat cruise on the Danube. I didn’t get much time in the city, but I had a chance to visit the castle and go to the market.

The highlight of the trip was getting to visit a thermal bath on my last night in the city. The bath was housed in an 18th-century yellow building and the baths ranged in temperature from 18 C to 40 C. There was also a sauna that went up to 80 C. I’ve never experienced heat that intense before. By the time I left, I felt very refreshed. If you ever get a chance to visit, make sure to go after 7 p.m. The entrance price goes down to 2900 HOF (about 9.50 Euros.)


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