Czech Republic, Europe

Ossuary and Olomouc, into the Czech countryside

Wow, what a day! I’m writing this after a night at the pub do I apologise for any spelling errors.

This morning I left Prague and went straight to the Sedlec Hora, Czech Republic. The story for the church is that during the black plague many thousands of people died and there was no room to bury all the bodies. So the bones started being incorporated into the church. In the 1800s, an artist made them into magnificent art pieces. I will add a photo tomorrow when I have better Internet.

After the ossuary, we went to Olomouc, a town founded by Julius Cesar. It was a nice traditional Czech town and we had a good dinner of fried cheese, homemade sausage, Slovak gnocchi and potato pancakes.

We finished the night in a bar built in Stalin’s old plane. Apparently he flew it in and left it, so they turned it into a bar. It felt like a 1940s plane for sure!


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