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Hunting giant Easter eggs in London

There are giant easter eggs hidden all over central London and this morning, I decided to join the search for them.

The eggs can apparently be found in several areas of the West End, including Mayfair, South Kensington and Piccadilly, as well as The City and Canary Wharf. There are 12 egg zones in total.

A different artist designed each of the 209 eggs. It’s all part of the The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt 2012.

Basically the idea is that when you find an egg, there is a keyword written on its podium that you can text in to possibly win a prize. The prize is pretty awesome, a £100,000 diamond-encrusted Fabergé egg, but each text message costs £0.25, and you get charged £3 when you first join.

So, I’m definitely not doing that.

I’m still going to try to find all the eggs though.

I read in the rules, that you can also entre by mail (for free) by just sending a letter with the keyword and your mobile number. So I might try that… though to be honest, I have no idea what I would do with the Fabergé egg if I won it.

But contest aside, I actually had a lot of fun searching eggs today. I went down to Bond Street Station and started ambling down random streets in Mayfair, a part of town I am not very familiar with. And I felt quite excited each time I stumbled on a new, egg. They really are works of art.

I discovered, too, that egg hunting is actually a great way to meet people. Maybe it’s because of how silly it is, but people naturally start chatting, while you are all taking photos of the same egg.

I even got to meet one of the egg artist, Daisuke Sakaguchi, when he was taking photos at a different egg.

I caught up with him again a few minutes later and got a photo of him with his egg.

In total, I tracked down 19 eggs today. The eggs are on display until April 3, though, so I have plenty of time to find them all.


9 thoughts on “Hunting giant Easter eggs in London”

  1. A growing trend in the past few years – from elephants, gorillas, horses, lions…. across several cities in the UK and Europe. I was awaiting the next one. Apparently Wells (in Somerset) will be displaying 60 swan statues this summer. I’m also on the hunt for the eggs and have probably found half of them now, with Mayfair and Canary Wharf yet to go.

  2. The eggs are so beautitful. I wish I could travel into London more frequently. I want to see all the different designs. The amount of work that’s gone into them is mind-boggling. I just want to find them all for the fun of it. I hope you hunt for more soon!

  3. Awesome post! So cool you got to meet Daisuke Sakaguchi. Let me know how you got on with the City zone. :-) I look forward to reading about it!

  4. That’s a fun way to spend an afternoon :)

    Years ago they had giant, life-sized plaster moose all around Toronto. They were painted with different themes, one was even supposed to be our Mayor complete with hair plugs and a suit. ;P
    They weren’t a contest for anything, but everyone still has a bunch of pictures of themselves beside a brightly coloured moose lying around

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