Belgium, Europe

Sharing a pint with God: Antwerp

If you are ever in Antwerp, there is a pub you absolutely have to visit.

Located inside a four-storey, brown brick building with leafy green ivy crawling up one wall, Het Elfde Gebod, gives you the chance to drink among a swell of religious artefacts.

Now, before I go any further, I should let you know that I’m not at all religious. But it’s still very cool.

Having a drink in the Kathedraalcafé

The pub, which is also known as Het Kathedraalcafé, is right beside Antwerp’s cathedral (which you should also visit). To get to it on foot, simply exit the cathedral and walk along the pedestrian-only street directly to the right of the building, Blauwmoezelstraat. The pub’s official address is Torfbrug 10.

The pub features everything you would expect: a pretty good choice of food (including Belgian’s famous mussels and fries or moules et frites), wine, coffee and, of course, beer. Over 50 different types of beer to be exact. They even carry several varieties of Trappist beer. (Brewed by trappist monks.) In case you’re curious, here is the full English menu.

I ordered a Kwok, which they serve in a wooden holder that reminded me of something you would see in a high school science classroom. I had some fun taking pictures.

My absolutely delicious Belgian Beer
There's something very fun about getting drunk in a place that feels so Holy
The bar, Kathedraalcafe, Antwerp
The wall of the bar
The upstairs of the cafe

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