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A perfect week in London

The bf is coming to visit me from Toronto on Thursday. He’s never really been to London before, except for about seven hours on either side of our European adventure in August. So, I tried to plan out a perfect week in London for him so that he falls in love with the city.

I thought I’d post it here in case any of you are planning a trip to London and need some ideas of things to do. I’ll be working during the day of his first two days here, so I only planned things for the evening.

Day 1 (Thursday) – Dinner at an English Pub on the Southbank and walk along the Thames.
Day 2 (Friday) – Ride on London Eye, followed by curry on Brick Lane
Day 3 (Saturday) – Traditional English breakfast, sightseeing around Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace. Evening – Ministry of Sound
Day 4 (Sunday) – Borough Market, British Library to see the Magna Carta, and original manuscripts of many British classic novels – Beowolf, Alice in Wonderland and music scores (several Beatles pieces), British Museum to see some of the best artifacts in the world.
Day 5 (Monday) – Party in Camden (The part of town where Amy Whinehouse use to live.)
Day 6 (Tuesday) – Buy half-price tickets for a West-End Show from the TKTS booth in Leicester Square, show in West-End in the evening.
Any other things that I should work in?

3 thoughts on “A perfect week in London”

  1. Do either of you like Shakespeare at all? Shakespeare’s Globe is one of my favourite places in London but obviously, unless you like Shakespeare, you’ll probably be bored rigid. If you do like Shakespeare, then I’d highly recommend seeing something here. And if you do, make sure you rent a cushion. The first few times I went, I made the mistake of thinking I wouldn’t need one, as it was only a couple of hours but believe me, you need that cushion. Or you could get standing tickets. I’ve never done that myself but it would probably be quite a different experience.

    Otherwise, one place I always make time for in London is Covent Garden. Last December, mum and I rented serviced apartments London for a weekend there and we came away feeling like we’d had a week’s holiday. You won’t find a better atmosphere anywhere in London. You’ve got the markets, the little individual shops and the street theatre. The performers there do actually have to pass an audition and you’ve got opera, comedy, acrobatics. One of my favourite memories is two singers performing this beautiful opera piece and whenever I hear it now, I always think of Covent Garden. I can’t remember for the life of me what the piece is called but it’s the one that British Airways used to use in their advertising.

    1. Those are both great suggestions. I had actually looked up tickets for the Globe and the season is done for the year. I’ll have to wait until March, before I can see a show. I’ve been dying to go though. I always forget about Covent Garden, because I only ever go at night to see a show, but I’ll definitely have to add that into my schedule. I was there just before Christmas last year and they had a four-piece viola and violin ensemble playing carols. It was lovely.

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