One week to go!

Just a quick post to apologize for neglecting you all for the past three weeks. I’ve been crazy busy getting my life in order before I run away to England. (10 days!) I’ve moved out of my apartment in Toronto and I’m back living at my parent’s house in Ottawa until I leave.

In case any of you are wondering… the hardest part about getting ready to go is deciding what to bring. As I’ve mentioned before, I bought a very cheap flight, so I can only bring 20 kg of luggage with me to London. (That’s 44 pounds for those of you who are metricly challenged). It basically amounts to one suitcase. I’ve already tried packing my suitcase twice and I still can’t fit in everything I want to take… I’ll have to go through a third round of pitching clothes.

I’m also trying to tie up all of my loose ends in this country before I go. I just cancelled my cell phone plan today (well I’m actually switching to a holding plan because it’s cheaper than paying out the rest of my contract) and I’ve spoken to my bank to figure out the best way to bring my money across the ocean. It seems that since I don’t have a bank account yet. The best thing to do is to take part of my money as a bank draft and then send the rest over by wire (or through the Internet) when I have a bank account set up.

I’ll write-up another post soon on some of the places I’ve visited in Toronto and Ottawa… I’ve tried to play tourist before I leave.


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