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Touring the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre

The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre is the only double-decker theatre left in the world. The Elgin Theatre is on the first floor, while the smaller Winter Garden Theatre is above it. I have lived a block and a half away from the theatre (located at Yonge and Queen Street) for the last four years and I always told myself that I would take a tour sometime. Today, I took that tour.

The tour lasted nearly an hour and a half and cost $12 ($10 for students). I would say that it is worth visiting, if you’re going to see a show, but I’m not sure I would recommend paying for the tour. (Though all the money goes to restoring the theatre, so it’s not too bad). The theatre was built in 1913 and operated as a theatre, a cinema and a porno flick house in its almost 100 year history. They’ve restored it back to what it originally looked like. Here are some of my pictures:

The lobby entrance off Yonge Street
The Elgin Theatre on the first floor

The Winter Garden Theatre upstairs

2 thoughts on “Touring the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre”

    1. Thanks for your comment! I totally agree that the architecture always looks more beautiful. I think it’s because they spent much longer constructing the buildings than we do now and they weren’t worried about using the most cost-effective building materials

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