Travel Tips

Creative places to hide your money and documents

When you stay at a hostel, there will likely be a locker where you can lock your valuables. If there isn’t, then think about bringing a bike-lock, or at least chain and combination lock to attach your bag to your bed. If all else fails, you can also put your bag at the foot of your sleeping bag, while you are sleeping.

If you’re staying somewhere for a longer time and you’re sharing a residence room or a flat with several people, you might want to consider hiding your belongings. While it won’t stop someone who is really determined to rob you, it’s definitely safer than having money and important documents lying out in the open.

1. Inside the lining of a padded bra (this is a good one for when you go to the bar too.)

2. Inside a tampon/condom box

3. Inside a pair of rolled socks

4. Inside the page of one a lesser used textbook (if you’re spending a semester abroad)

5. Inside food boxes or cartons. (Tip: take out the cereal bag, put the money in the bottom of the cereal box and then put the bag back in.)

6. In the toe of a pair of boots

No matter where you hide your stuff, the trick is not to put it all in the same place. You want to keep a bit in many places. If you are travelling in a dangerous place, you might want to consider putting some money in a zip-lock bag and sticking it in your underwear. This would be very important in several countries in South America, where many travellers end up in hi-jacked buses.

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