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Tricks to look good on no sleep (or showers)

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When you’re travelling, there are times when you have to go several days without sleeping or showering. Unfortunately, sometimes these times coincide with an important meeting or event. These tricks should take you no more than 6 or 7 minutes to do and will help you look less tired and dirty. (I’ve also used them a few times when I had several overnight shifts in a row and had to go straight from work to school.)


When I haven’t showered in days, my hair goes limp and greasy. So I put mousse and baby powder in it to fix this. The mousse adds volume and the baby powder dries up the greasiness. (Bonus! It also makes it smell better.) Make sure to really rub it in or else your hair will go white and you need to brush-out any excess powder. Then I tie my hair into a half-pony-tail.


When I haven’t slept, I get pale and develop very dark circles under my eyes. To fix this, I wash my face in super hot water and then super cold water to wake up my skin. I then use white eye-shadow in the inside corner, outside brow area and under my eyes to hide the dark circles. (I stole this from Carmindy in What Not to Wear. It really works.) I follow-up with a light-coloured eye-liner and a mascara that curls my lashes to make my eyes appear more open. Finally, I put on a sparkly lip gloss to draw attention away from my eyes.

Voila. You’re done!

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