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I’m sitting on my couch right now, procrastinating working on both an essay and an article that I have to finish by tomorrow. (I still have to do one more interview for my article, and I haven’t even started my essay). So, of course, I started looking up places that I would like to visit and I thought I’d make a list of the places I want to visit in the next five years.

1) Dublin, Ireland – When I was kid, I used to joke that I was a mutt. My family came from a lot of different places, so I don’t really have any one specific strong heritage. Having said that, I have now visited every country of my ancestry, except Ireland, so it’s the next stop on my list. I had decided not to go to Ireland, while I was in London, because of the Euro crisis they were facing at that time, but after they received a bail-out from several other European countries, the situation seems to have improved slightly. I’d actually want to spend a couple of weeks at least, travelling through the country, stopping in Cork, Kilkenny and Galway, as well.

2) Berlin, Germany – Last summer, once I knew that I got the CBC London internship and would be spending the second half of the semester in London, I started planning where I would travel to as soon as I finished my six-week placement. I decided that I would go to Berlin. I spent weeks researching places to stay and things to do, and then my parents announced that they would be coming to visit me at the end of the internship to travel around Europe with me. So instead I went to Italy and Spain. While I had a great seeing both countries, I still haven’t gotten to see Germany.

3) Prague, Czech Republic – Something about Prague, just seems so classy and exotic, and almost like you’re going back in time. Most of you know that I’m studying journalism at Ryerson. Well every year, the secretary sends out this e-mail about foreign correspondence training in Prague. Every year, I keep the e-mail in my mailbox and look at it every few days until the deadline trying to convince myself that I can afford the $2500 CAD price tag to spend 8 days in Prague, which, of course, I couldn’t. Fortunately flights from London to Prague only cost a few hundred dollars, so hopefully, I’ll get to visit this year.

4) Barcelona, Spain – I was in Spain in December, but I only got to visit Madrid, Cordoba and Malaga and I’m dying to see Barcelona. Of course it is the known as the party capital of Europe and I hear there is no better way to spend a few days in the summer. Hopefully, I’ll get to make a three or four-day trip there this summer.

5) Sydney, Australia – I’m pretty sure every Canadian has the wish to visit Australia at some point in their life. I think we figure that being there would be exactly like being in Canada, but much warmer (and therefore infinitely better). I’m toying with the idea of spending a year in Australia after my two years in London (I think it would depend if I was homesick yet or not). I would definitely have to see Melbourne and Adelaide as well.

6) Wellington, New Zealand – I never thought much about New Zealand until I met a good friend from Wellington in London last semester. Seeing his pictures of the city and hearing him talk about it, made me want to go see it for myself. It was also interesting listening to him talk about Australia — it’s the same way I talk about the U.S.

7) New Delhi, India – In third year, I took an international journalism class and we were each assigned a country that we had to cover. I got India. After covering it for three months, I developed a very strong desire to go and see it. I also have a friend doing an exchange there, so of course I’m super jealous. though I would want to be able to spend at least in a month in the country and see a fair bit of it, so this trip might be on the back-burner for a while.

8) Seoul, South Korea – I took taekwondo for 12 years of my life. (I actually hold a 3rd degree black belt). So I’ve always wanted to go to Korea and take a class at the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters… any black belt in the world can take a class).

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