England, Europe

London – First day in a new city

Today I figured it was time to sling my dSLR around my neck and go act like a tourist. I even decided to wear running shoes so my feet didn’t get sore… well my feet still ended up being sore so I looked like an idiot for nothing.

My first stop was to figure out exactly where I’m going to be working. I knew it was near Oxford Circus, so I hopped on a double-decker heading that way. Only my family would know this, but I’ve always wanted to go on a double-decker. I’m sure this is true for a lot of people, but I’ve actually been to London before with my family. All the way through the trip I kept saying that I wanted to take the bus and sit up top. My parents didn’t want to spend the money, so we ended up walking everywhere and taking the tube to the airport. By the end of the trip, I never got to go on. Sad, right? So this was my first stop this time. It was very cool being so high up.

When I got off at Oxford Circus, I realized that Oxford Street is the shopping district of London. That’s a big problem because I LOVE to shop and I’m going to have to walk past the shops every day on my way to work…. I’m going to end up spending so much money while I’m here and the CBC is not paying me.

After I found my office, I began strolling aimlessly through the streets. I eventually came upon Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. London is awesome and all their museums are free. so I took a walk around.

From there I kept walking a little way until I got to Leicester Square (It’s pronounced Lester… Londoners seem to pronounce words in ways that don’t make sense. Clerkenwell is apparently pronounced CLARKenwell).


Anyways, Leicester Square is the area where all the theatres are.

From there, I walked to the Thames (pronounces tems), passing the houses of Parliament and 10 Downing St. on my way. I grabbed a sandwich at the grocery store across from Big Ben and then sat in a park next to the Thames and ate it.

I finished my day at the Tate Britain, another free art gallery, that I have to say I liked better than the National Gallery.

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