England, Europe

The start of my London adventure

I’m just going to keep this short, because I haven’t actually seen anything today.

I arrived at Heathrow at 8:35 a.m. after circling around in the sky for about 45 minutes. As soon as I got off the plane, I raced through the airport to beat the line at customs and was fourth in line. I then grabbed my luggage and took the express train to Paddington station. I’ve never seen such a long line-up for a cab. I started beside the sign that read Queue is 8 minutes from this point. It wasn’t actually a long wait, because they were very organized with a conductor sending you to a one of six taxi stops.

I’m staying at the Victoria League Student House in Bayswater. It’s this residential neighbourhood where all the buildings are from the 1850s and all the streets look exactly the same. I’m sharing a room with a girl from Malaysia. The room is tiny. It’s about four metres square, with two single beds (not twins), two desks and two closets. The entire house is tiny. I barely made it through the hallway (corridors) with my suitcase. I used an elevator (lift) that was built into on a dumb-waiter shaft. It was honestly one metre, by half a metre. Three people could not have fit in. The house also has many random stair cases. To get to one of the bathrooms on my floor, I have to walk down six steps and then back up six steps.

Other than that, I spent the rest of my day unpacking and sleeping. I also sorted out my cell phone. The adventure truly begins tomorrow!


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